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Automated Amazon Store Services

With our excellent service we will help you create an e-commerce online store that will help generate passive income. Our dedicated team of professionals will automate your store and handle all of the challenges that come with building a successful online e-commerce business. Teams are handpicked and assigned to each store with the appropriate algorithms set in place to build metrics and account health, resulting in 8-20% profit from sales revenue each and every month. Along with our active support team, we have user-friendly videos with step by step instructions to assist in setting up your Amazon business.

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What Is Amazon Automation?

Maybe you’ve heard of Amazon dropshipping, where you take on the role of being a reseller of a product that is already established and selling on Amazon. Once an Amazon customer places an order you then go to a supplier and place an order, the supplier then ships the product to your customer.

However, with Amazon Automation, MDK Consultants Group does all the heavy lifting for you. We have a proven process to take your initial investment and set up an Amazon online store from scratch and scale it so that it generates $100K+ in revenue month over month in a relatively short period of time.

During the first few months, MDK Consultants Group works on building your store’s reputation with Amazon which may result in slightly lower sales and profit numbers. However, we have an excellent track record scaling stores after those first few months where your store will likely win the coveted “buy box” which will increase your store’s sales and profit margins.

You don’t have to worry about responding to customers or dealing with Amazon at all, that’s all a part of MDK Consultants Group’s Amazon Automation system. We take care of that, and if you ever have questions about your store, you can send an email to at any time

MDK Consultants Group Amazon Automation

Turnkey investment opportunity

Dedicated team for each client store

24/7 support

Proven success across 450+ client stores

Why Choose MDK Consultants Group?

MDK Consultants Group has an impressive resume of Amazon online stores that we have successfully scaled to generate $100K+ in sales monthly for their clients. Our Amazon Automation system works, and is about the closest thing to passive income or a turnkey investment opportunity you’ll find.

The experts at MDK Consultants Group deploy a group of 40 account managers and 300 team members who are capable of managing over 600+ Amazon online stores. Each client’s store is managed by one of our seasoned account managers and 1-2 team members. The account managers and team members work seven days a week, and the customer service team can be reached 24/7 at

MDK Consultants Group values each and every one of their clients, and we hope to lay a foundation of trust that will foster a relationship for years to come. However, you are not locked into a contract with us and are free to leave at any time if you so choose. However, we sincerely believe you won’t find a better passive income source than by opening an Amazon online store with us and harnessing the power of our Amazon Automation system.

Amazon Online Stores Aren’t For Everyone

We stand behind our Amazon Automation service; it’s an incredible turnkey investment opportunity for our clients. However, we recognize that an Amazon online store isn’t right for everyone. We don’t wish to scare off potential clients, rather we want to respect your time and ours by setting realistic expectations.

While we do essentially create a passive income vehicle for you with an automated Amazon online store, doing so requires a significant upfront investment as well as a considerable amount of working capital. The startup cost for the first three months is $500/month as your store’s team puts in work on the backend of your store and implementing software before products are even listed.

Beyond that, we recommend the following limits of working capital for your Amazon online store. Keep in mind, this does not have to be liquid cash, simply a suggested available credit limit.

Credit Card Limit Needed:

Month 1: $3,000 – $10,000
Month 2: $5,000 – $15,000
Month 3: $10,000 – $20,000
Month 4+: $20,000+

Still Interested?

Does an Amazon online store still sound like the right passive income opportunity for you? That’s great! We’re excited to start working with you!

To get started with your automated Amazon online store, or to get more information, simply fill out the contact form below and a member of the MDK Consultants Group team will be in touch with you shortly!

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